Family Office

Life with wealth involves endless details, decisions, and interests to align. While advice is easy to come by, one still needs to implement that advice, manage partners, and ensure everything’s working in one’s best interest.

Moving beyond advice and planning, we executes plans, organizes your affairs, and simplify life. When one prefer a hands-off approach, We are here to take the reins.

We ensure all the moving pieces are aligned and working together, from accountants, legal counsel, and insurance providers to philanthropic initiatives, investment holdings, and succession strategy.

Whether one want to build a new home, start a foundation, or ensure future generations enjoy a comfortable lifestyle, we serve as the first, last, and only person one needs to talk to. As stewards of financial life, we’ll be here to pay bills, care for assets, secure insurance, and answer any questions.

We provide the following services through our team to various family offices’:

  • Investment Management
  • Advisory Services
  • Estate/Trust Planning
  • Insurance Planning
  • Real Estate Opportunities
  • Private Equity Opportunities
  • Angel Investing
  • Evaluate and Distribute Alternate Investment Funds, Mutual Funds and Portfolio Management Services
  • Debt Advisory and Debt Opportunities


The Advisory Services arm identifies high growth companies as well as financially stressed companies and works with them to identify strategic investors and assists them to raise long term capital.

Our Process:

Consulting: We engage with the companies management to understand and analyse their business plans. Our disciplined investment oriented approach is backed by multiple screenings and due diligence by our experienced team and investor members. We then help them to devise strategies to identify and raise strategic financing. We also ensure that the companies receive active support and capability building during this crucial period.

Our opportunity evaluation helps us to exhaustively refine business plans and prepare Investor presentations and Information Memorandum.

Advisory Services: We provide advisory services for formulation and implementation of major investment projects.

We brain storm, research and evaluate best practices that helps us to define the path of the project and to improve the end result. Our structure simplifies the funding process for entrepreneurs/ companies along with providing access to network of contacts and experienced professionals.

Our investment team’s expertise enable us to recognize emerging industry themes and offer tailor-made solutions. Our strong relationship with diversified investors, industry players, mutual funds and bankers enable us to pioneer several innovations in the market.

Some of the key projects we have worked on:

  • Hotel Leela Ventures: Restructuring and fundraising
  • Govt. of Bhutan: Restructuring the Ministry of Health and Education
  • Lakme : Recruitment, training and retention strategies through Adult and Experiential Learning Methodologies
  • Silatech: Setting up Sila Angel – A pan Middle East Angel network