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We are very conscious of social responsibility and invest a portion of our profits through the MGM Foundation into sustainable ventures that give social return on equity. Some of our initiatives include:

  • Funding the Diagnostic Wing at the Breach Candy Hospital in memory of our founder, M G Maheshwari thereby benefitting thousands of patients every year
  • Incubating Muktangan’s Teacher’s Training Foundation.
  • Funding the Teacher Training program for The Teacher Foundation (TTF) which was rolled out to 100 teachers and headmasters in Bangalore.
  • Providing support to the Nanhi Kali Foundation for their programs.
  • Donating every year to Salaam Bombay Anti-Tobacco Program.
  • Actively running the Triveni Sodhani Trust which works to serve the  local community in Lonavala, Maharashtra by providing ambulance and health care service assistance.

As a team, we choose one social or environmental goal every year – be it environment, education, health initiatives or community development. We then work both as a team and individually to contribute to the common goal. We also communicate and encourage everyone associated with us to help us achieve our goals.